Messthetic: Greatest Hits: The Sounds of D.I.Y. 1977-90
Released: 4/2006
Label: Messthetics
Catalog #: 100
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As NUGGETS and PEBBLES were to '60s garage-bands, as CHOCOLATE SOUP FOR DIABETICS and RUBBLE were to freakbeat, this Messthetics comp is to the essential bands of the DIY and the (very) indie postpunk generation the British Isles (1977-1980). Featuring two never-before heard tracks by the legendary Rejects (Bruno Wizard's 1977 band before he formed the Homosexuals). With O Level (pre-Times), Reptile Ranch (pre-Weekend), Six Minute War (pre-400 Blows), Mud Hutters (pre-Spaceheads), and Danny & the Dressmakers (producer Graham Massey pre-808 State, Bjork, etc.). Also the inimitable tunings of the Tronics, Scrotum Poles, Puritan Guitars, Dum Dum Dum, Reacta, Exhibit A, Slight Seconds, Instant Automatons, Anorexia, Steve Treatment, Take It, Thin Yoghurts, Royston, Walking Floors and the Digital Dinosaurs. Amazing lyrics from folks who later turned up as the pre-eminent biographers of Wire, Captain Beefheart and Syd Barrett (among many others) and novelist John Williams. “For fans of everything from Wire to the Fugs, from PiL to Nirvana Unplugged and (especially) the Rough Trade post-punk sampler.”

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