Magik Markers
A Panegyric To The Things I Do Not Understand
Released: 3/2006
Label: Gulcher
Catalog #: 604
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The latest from East Coast psych-rock heavyweights Magik Markers. Someone named Eddie Flowers waxes: “In spite of their punk roots, the Markers' form tends toward extended breakdowns: this disc is divided into two "sides," two long tracks, the first running to 19:41, and the other is 19:38. No rules is the rule here. For instance, dig the near a capella section on the first “side” - whistlin', odd voices, clappin', just an occasional rattle or beep - very casual and simple but mesmerizing. Then there's the part on the second “side” where it sounds like everything is moving in outta-focus slow-mo, like after you've drank waytoomuch cough syrup. Elisa raves against the torrent of Quimby's roaring feedback and Nolan's exploding skins in an intuitive way that recalls Patti Smith's lost-in-the-whirlpool moments and / or Damo Suzuki's most tongue-driven gestures with Can. Whew.”

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