Garden Ruin
Released: 4/2006
Label: Quarterstick
Catalog #: 97
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“This album was a conscious decision to try something new and tap into strains in our musical fabric that haven't been highlighted in the past,” says Calexico’s Joey Burns. The fabric he refers to is still inherent in their music, of course – the band has always admitted to being influenced by sources as diverse as Portugese fado, 50’s jazz, gypsy or romani music and its offshoots, 60’s surf and twang from Link Wray to country’s Duane Eddy, the spaghetti western epics of Ennio Morricone and dark indie rock singer songwriters like Smog, Richard Buckner, Will Oldham and Vic Chesnutt. But this album, he states, “turned out to be more about songs, songs that didn’t necessarily go back to the same pool of influences as before. At home I’d picked up the steel acoustic guitar rather than the nylon strung guitar, and the difference in sound immediately took me down a different path. For starters, I wound up playing more in major keys, and there are more pop elements and a bit more rock too.”

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