Hidden City of Taurmond
Released: 3/2006
Label: Load
Catalog #: 080
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While for many this is going to be a side project of Lightning Bolt’s Brian Gibson, this dashboard messiah of a record is a creeping keeper. Rich Porter (he of Bug Sized Mind), adds some melody muscle to stuff some tissue into the training bra of this submarine racer. Nothing like Lightning Bolt, this is more a Tangerine soaked, dream pillow padded melodica that Kraftwerks its way into your main vein. Looking for reference points? Think Zombi, Yellow Magic Orchestra and John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NY soundtrack, .i.e. smooth as butter creep scapes. Wizardzz has been accused of sporting a prog rock groove, so stuff this in your stockings you '06 version hacky sackers.

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Hidden City of Taurmond   Hidden City of Taurmond

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