Colossal Yes
Acapulco Roughs
Released: 3/2006
Label: Ba Da Bing!
Catalog #: 046
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Widely known as the “drummer dude” in Comets on Fire, Utrillo Kushner's musical talents range far beyond the wailing he unleashes on any given night with the Comets. It's his skills as a songwriter and bandleader that impress on the sentimental rock stylings of ACAPULCO ROUGHS. Having tickled the ivories for close to a decade, Kushner assumes command of the keys in Colossal Yes and steps it up as a full-fledged piano man. The songs on ACAPULCO ROUGHS have existed in Kushner's mind for years, heard only by a few close friends on home demos or at one of a handful of solo shows. ACAPULCO ROUGHS is so pure, so honest, that it risks a headlong dive into cheeseville. Kushner repeatedly urges his side men to “play how you think Mark Knopfler would play!” and rallies his players with calls for “more Fozzie Bear!” when the group loses focus. In fact, the two elements that should damn this album to lite-rock purgatory-- unabashed sincerity and piano-playing-- miraculously work to its advantage. Somehow, when untainted musicianship meets earnest presentation something happens, and the results are damn good.

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