Music To Fall Asleep
Released: 4/2006
Label: Kompakt
Catalog #: 050
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Sebastian Meissner (aka Klimek), living in Frankfurt/Main, is a concept artist, composer, sound designer and photographer, and this is his second full-length release on Kompakt. The follow up to the critically-acclaimed 2005 full length, MILK & HONEY, MUSIC TO FALL ASLEEP breathes new life to the world of indie-folk and ambient. Meissner's perseverance to the progression of contemporary music and use of found sounds has taken listeners on journeys to Jerusalem, deep inside the turmoil of the Palestinian conflict as his alter-ego Random Industries (Mille Plateaux), and inside his diverse record crate with an ironic deconstruction of the post-digital genre as Bizz Circuits (Deluxe). Also, Meissner grapples the task of defining Noir in digital music alongside Ekkehard Ehlers in Autopoieses. Klimek follows in the traditional vein of pop ambient, while convincingly creating a scenario where one could imagine Gas in a recording session with David Grubbs putting together the soundtrack for a future David Lynch film. The acoustic guitar returns -- a mingling of harmonious picking alongside the soothing tide of his subtle strums. As the title suggests, MUSIC TO FALL ASLEEP paints the picture of a nocturnal landscape -- envision the faintest whispers of twilight as the hue of the sun falls below the earth, as the sandman beckons you to bed.

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