Above Air
Released: 3/2006
Label: Eskaton
Catalog #: 77
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This is the second release on Eskaton for Ivan Pavlov (aka COH), a Russian-born sound artist and engineer, currently based in Sweden. Recorded between November 2004 and July 2005, ABOVE AIR is a personal tribute to the memory of his dear friend and collaborator Jhonn Balance, and is somewhat of a restive, contemplative departure from other COH releases. His sound is culturally rooted to Russian avant-garde rather than the Western rock-pop tradition, though he regularly utilizes both as tools. As a qualified acoustic researcher he is involved in developing different possibilities for soundsynthesis, and composes single tones to an ensemble which provides both lyrical and comic associations. ABOVE AIR is rife with open air buzz, mid-range sinewave hum, low throbs, delicate plinks, clock-like chimes and contrapuntal tonal pitch shifts, however, there is an air of agitated restlessness within. Each track seamlessly merges with the next, lending a round wholeness to the record that feels like orchestral movement, or like the best of Coil's spatial, minimal soundscapes. Amidst the quiet is COH's ever-shifting static sculptures, that stand as monoliths next to hidden, somber melodies. A stunning tribute.

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