Daniel Meteo
Released: 5/2006
Label: Meteosound
Catalog #: 20
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Berlin-based Daniel Meteo runs his own experimental dub label Meteosound, and this is his debut solo release. Meteo has already graced a surprising number of records under a variety of guises, keeping his finger in plenty of delicious musical pies in pursuit of that elusive moment of aural bliss. Above and beyond championing Berlin's local electronic music scene, Meteo has added his spin to the likes of Apparat, Orb, Dntel and Masha Qrella as a remixer, and drives the beats of the dub/hip-hop/electronica duo Bus. Nevertheless, some part of his musical spectrum remained unexplored -- for almost as long as Meteo can remember, a folder called PERUMENTS (Peru meets government) has been hiding in the depth of his hard drive, a black hole eager to swallow all those fragments and ideas too wayward and personal to find their way into one of his many collaborations. These would be entirely sample and vocal-free ideas tinkered with and fine tuned in many obsessive marathon sessions. Searching for an element of soul found in artists such as Barrington Levy, Theo Parrish, Marvin Gaye or Flabba Holt, Meteo decided on an ambitious experiment, using PERUMENTS to square the circle between club, dub/downbeat, house and his most personal tracks and experimental excursions. This is Daniel Meteo's long-secret document, finally brought to light.

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