Lars Wickinger
Released: 4/2006
Label: Traum
Catalog #: 71
Rating:  Not Yet Rated

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12" Available (2-3 day) No No $9.99

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Raised on a diet of Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, the Berlin based Lars Wickinger will now release his solo debut on Traum. Lars has recorded together before with various people releasing tracks on Freizeitglauben as Vanilla Krepp and on Electric Avenue as C.I.T. His Traum 12" resembles a unique fusion of '80s new wave influences with minimal techno that result in a clash of unorthodox sounds and minimal rhythm patterns monotonic and hypnotizing, creating the impossible. Lars has a tight groove that rocks away like the Silver Surfer, incorporating sharp metallic sounds, cutting through it with the force and precision of an axe.

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