Red Krayola
Released: 4/2006
Label: Drag City
Catalog #: 304
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First release of new material since 2000. INTRODUCTION finds The Red Krayola (Mayo, Charlie Abel, Noel Kupersmith, John McEntire, Stephen Prina and Tom Watson) doing what they love — playing music, making songs, having laughs. In an era where some bands spend months in the studio crafting a noise that they hope truly weirds people out, we’re astonished at The Red Krayola’s effortlessness in this respect. They are stranger than everyone when simply plugging in their amps. It’s in their blood and their bones and flows from them without premeditation (though sometimes guile has something to do with it). Their multi-hued sounds and varied approaches to songwriting are smoothed out by the naturalness of it all, making INTRODUCTION one of the great way-out, yet laid-back albums — and one full of tunes designed for your listening and singing pleasure. The Red Krayola are nothing if not democratic, and INTRODUCTION finds them at a populist peak.

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