Distance Told Me Things To Be Said
Released: 4/2006
Label: ~Scape
Catalog #: 038
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Mapstation is Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot, Music A.M.) from Düsseldorf, and this is his fourth recording and debut for the ~Scape label. DISTANCE TOLD ME THINGS TO BE SAID brings us to unknown topographies and familiar surroundings alike. The songs "Valencia Was Asleep" and "Listening to Stockholm" are based on real live recordings from these cities and project a sense of narration -- pockets of silence within amplified streets. Also found here are plenty of electronic sounds, 303 basslines, drum machines, percussion and trombone phrases. By combining low-key melodies with field recordings, a submerged reality seeps into the material. This is an album of quiet music and secret melodies.

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