Nathan Fake
Drowning In A Sea Of Love
Released: 4/2006
Label: Border Community
Catalog #: 10
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Straight out of the Norfolk countryside, 22 year old Nathan Fake is a most unlikely savior of electronic music. His debut album DROWNING IN A SEA OF LOVE is a truly enchanting collection of rocktronica at its finest -- loaded with Casio riffs, soaring fake-guitar lead lines, single live take recordings and a heap of lighters-in-the-air moments. Containing the original live take of the psychedelic epic, “The Sky Was Pink” (prior to its remix transformation into the electro anthem of last summer), this is a ballsy, gutsy eleven minute track wall of computer-noise, underlined by a rock-solid production ethic which belies Fake's tender years. It is little wonder that he is one of so many people's tips for 2006: a true breath of fresh air in a dance scene desperately seeking direction.

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