Western Store
Released: 3/2006
Label: Playhouse
Catalog #: 17
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CD compilation of earlier 12" releases. Compiled by one half of Alter Ego and Sensorama, Jörn Elling Wuttke, WESTERN STORE includes a range of 12" works by Isolée (Rajko Mueller). Some are from his early days, for example the beautiful New Orderesque “Initiate II” or the hypnotic deep dub reggae disco on “Monitor” (both on Play 014). Yet, WESTERN STORE is anything but a random patchwork. Held together by ice crystals sparkling in the sunlight such as “Simone Rides” or the spellbinding futuristic music of “King Off” (both on Play 018), WESTERN STORE comes across like the missing link in the chain of albums between REST and WE ARE MONSTER. So it makes no difference whether the year the tracks were created was 1997 or 2003. With his openness and flexibility, Isolée evades any distinct identification with regard to his music.

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