Beta Erko
I’m OK, You’re OK
Released: 3/2005
Label: Quecksilber
Catalog #: 9
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For everybody who is sick of everything else, Beta Erko is a quartet comprising DSP wizard Robin Fox (Synaesthesia), turntable maestro Martin Ng (gcttcatt, Mego), MC Vulk Makedonski (Curse Ov Dialekt, Mush) and electronics/prepared piano enfant terrible Anthony Pateras (Synaesthesia, Tzadik). I'M OK, YOU'RE OK slices open the hip hop myth and guts it of any stylistic restraints, presenting a kaleidoscopic reconfiguration of familiar elements (beats, rhymes, samples, scratching) that are molded into fifteen tracks of insane vocal textures, head-splitting sonics, and multi-temporal rhythms. Fearless of delving anywhere within the electro-acoustic spectrum, Beta Erko use gargled scat singing, frenetic scratch-fests, impenetrable digital mashups, prepared piano, tri-lingual rhyming and walls of beat boxing to create an unbelievable stylistic anomaly which is somehow still compellingly fun to listen to. I'M OK, YOU'RE OK is a rare case where four profoundly perverse minds came together to do something different and it actually worked.

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