Brian Wilson
Released: 9/2004
Label: Nonesuch
Catalog #: 79846
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Thirty-seven years after its anticipated release, an all-new studio recording of SMiLE —often referred to as the most famous unreleased album in history—is finally out. SMiLE will be produced by Brian Wilson and will feature the ten-member band that has supported him on tour over the past five years, augmented by The Stockholm Strings and Horns. Wilson and lyricist Van Dyke Parks, who collaborated on the original SMiLE sessions in 1966–67, listened together to the 37-year-old tapes in November 2003, following Wilson’s announcement of his intention to complete and perform SMiLE in a series of concerts in London. Acting as Wilson’s and Parks’ musical secretary, Darian Sahanaja, of Wilson’s touring band, began preparing the music for performance. This led to Wilson and Parks creating new material to make the concerts possible. The public premiere of the finished SMiLE took place at the Royal Festival Hall in London on February 20, 2004 to overwhelming response. The Los Angeles Times said: “What we do know now is that Wilson and Parks created a glorious piece of music whose grand ambition is outstripped only by its inherent beauty and cumulative power.” In London, The Guardian referred to SMiLE ’s “groundbreaking complexity and sophistication” and wrote that it seemed “the grandest of American symphonies,” while the Daily Telegraph added, “Leonard Bernstein once proclaimed Brian Wilson one of the greatest composers of the 20th century: he was not wrong.” The Independent summarized the feeling in the hall: “We knew we’d witnessed a miracle of sorts.” This fall, Wilson will embark on a U.S. tour, during which he will perform SMiLE.

Double LP features a whole side dedicated to instrumental versions of "Heroes and Villains," "Cabin Essence," "On A Holiday" and "Wind Chimes."

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