Thomas Köner
Released: 2/2003
Label: Mille Plateaux
Catalog #: 118
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New double disc set from German art / sound researcher, Thomas Koner (one half of influential Chain Reaction project, Porter Ricks). Disc one - one hour long track - is a perfect combination of warm, pulsing, locomotive ambience found in many Porter Ricks tracks combined with an exquisitely recorded, detailed mix of environmental images. Whether it's a glacial gale wind blowing or birds and crickets chirping, Koner succeeds to transport the listener smack in the middle. An evenly paced, deep listening experience, as Koner takes us from Spring to Summer, Winter and back to Spring again (or are we travelling from the mid-lattitudes to the poles and back again?); a highly enjoyable personal journey to submerge yourself in. Disc two, comprised of four "shorter" tracks, is a series of live performances recorded from some of the world's most prestigious mueseums: Centre G. Pompidou Paris, Walker Art Center Minneapolis, La Criee CAC Rennes and the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. One of this year's best and Koner's most fully realized work yet.

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